Memorial Bench

The Memorial Bench is the perfect way to commemorate your loved ones that have passed in a special, unique way. We offer two memorial products: Memorial Benches and Memorial Swings. Each option is available with personalized laser cut design options including: portraits, inscriptions, designs, and more. Our team will work with you every step of the way to create the type of memorial bench that you have envisioned.

To get started on your metal bench order, click the link below or give us a call at (801) 414-1724.

Price Varies With Design

Memorial Bench Styles

Be sure to specify which type of bench style you would like for the Memorial Bench. There are three styles: Classic, Arched, and Metropolitan. You can also choose a smaller child’s size bench. We also manufacture bench swings and frames. These can be purchased together or separately.

Our team of artists create intricate designs that help personalize the memorial bench. This includes the addition of portraits, inscriptions, sceneries, and other custom designs.

Richard West Memorial Bench Design

Memorial Bench Features

Compliment Any Location

The laser cut memorial benches are designed to compliment any location. Whether the memorial bench is being installed in a public park, cemetery, or memorial garden, it will add beauty and class.

Weatherproof Finish

As bench manufacturers, we understand the importance of having the metal withstand harsh weather conditions. We use stainless steel foot pads that prevent rust and corrosion from creeping up the bench legs. Each outdoor bench is also sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to protect the bare metal from outdoor exposure by preventing chips and scratches.

Durable Product

Each bench is designed to last for years and years to come. To achieve this longevity, the body of the bench is cut from a single sheet of metal that is then bent into place. This allows for fewer welds; creating less points of weakness. When welds are used, our craftsman only use fully closed welds. This procedure keeps out unwanted moisture from building up.

Memorial Bench Gallery

No two people are alike, so neither are the memorial benches. The bench is the perfect place to tell a small part of your loved one’s story. Below are examples of previous benches that we have worked on. Click below to learn more about each bench’s story.

Drum Bench

A snare drum styled bench to celebrate an amazing musician’s life. The metal bench also features a holder on each end for others to place their own pair of drumsticks in remembrance.

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Richard West Smith

A personalized memorial bench with laser cut features including: a portrait, mountains, and a temple. This bench was installed at a local park for a place for friends and family to pay tribute.

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Vegas Strong

This memorial bench was designed to remember the victims, first responders, attendees, and all those affected from the Las Vegas tragedy. It was dedicated November 4th in Peccole Ranch.

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Fallen Officer

Provo Police Department added a memorial bench to honor Jospeh Shinners, who died in the line of duty. Thank you to all of our police officers for keeping us safe! 

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Bench Cost

Each memorial bench costs differently depending on the level of personalization. This depends on portraits, inscriptions, landscapes, and more.

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Simple Designs

This memory bench showcases a simple inscription in honor of Judge Tammi Fredrickson. Family members can choose to add dates, farewells, and more.

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Our Little Cowboy

Learn how a commemorative bench can be a healing process in you and your family’s life. The Metropolitan Style Bench was used for this memorial and showcases a portrait, scene, and an inscription.

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Our Princess

A special, beautiful bench for a little princess. It was installed at a park surrounded by friends and family.

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Pulse Night Club

This bench was created to honor the victims of the Pulse Night Club Shooting. Always in our hearts.

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In Loving Memory

A custom memorial bench for a loving husband, friend, and fire fighter chief in Salt Lake City.

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Memory Lane

The memorial benches are perfect additions to cemeteries and public parks for remembrance.

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Officer Baxter

A custom blue bench to honor a police officer, Officer Matthew Baxter, because heroes are never forgotten.

Hannah Jolley Bench

The Hannah Jolley Bench displays a photo of her, along with the Mt. Timpanogos Temple along the bench back.

Remembrance Of You

A custom bench for a loved young man that incorporates some of his own original artwork and sketches.

Never Forgotten

The memorial bench creates a unique space to share stories, memories, laughs, and tears.

Little Princess

This powder coated bench was designed to remember Reagan’s little pigtails, favorite flowers, and balloons.

Standing Strong

Crew’s Memorial Bench is a beautiful tribute for him and a way for his siblings to keep his memory close.

Remembrance Bench

This Remembrance Bench was made to honor a school nurse, friend, and community member.

Rodeo Bench

Custom rodeo bench to celebrate a legend. Click below to learn more about this rodeo bench process.

You Are My Sunshine

A beautiful bench tribute to help friends and family remember a brother and sister who are gone too soon.

In Memory Of Charley

Designed to honor the family’s Little Princess who will forever be in their hearts, thoughts, and minds.

Retirement Bench

Honor someone for their years of service in the community with a custom metal Retirement Bench.

Park Memorial Bench

Why not put the memorial bench somewhere special? This park bench is located on a golf course.

Bomber Nation

This is a custom laser cut memorial bench that was installed at a local school campus. Click to learn more.

Remember Benches

Remember Benches are available in a variety of colors, including Weather Green and other classic colors.

Photo Benches

Adding portraits to the back of the memorial bench is a sure way to make the steel bench feel special.

The General

A unique dedicatory bench to honor a special individual. Laser cutting allows for intricate cuts and details.

Love Cayde

This was a special tribute bench to remember a young girl who passed too soon, but left a long-lasting impression.

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Cemetery Bench

One of our most unique cemetery benches that features baseball bat slats and a custom signature.

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Trail Benches

A memorial bench can be placed along a trail or walking spot. This is a perfect spot to think of your loved ones.

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Firefighter Bench

Custom memorial bench to honor Draper Battalion Chief Matthew Burchett, who was killed in the line of duty.

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Garden Bench

Memorial garden benches can be designed to match an existing headstone and be placed in cemeteries.

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Monument Benches

Place the monument bench in a special place that was significant to your loved one. Such as a park or business front.

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In Memoriam Benches

These In Memoriam Benches were designed for the Sullivan Brothers. Each bench features a portrait and inscription.

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Sympathy Bench

Who said the memorial bench had to be a traditional color? We love the look of this sympathy bench in bright purple.

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School Bench

The memorial bench was placed at the school where Larry Paul spent nearly four decades as a music teacher.

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Grave Bench

Bengal Blue Powder Coating was used for this grave bench. Powder coat protects against sun fade and chalking.

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Sympathy Bench

This sympathy bench was placed in Craig Ranch Regional Park to honor the victims of the October 1st shooting.

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Travis Bench

Fan of the Oakland Raiders or the University of Utah? Each burial bench is fully customizable.

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In Memory

Cremation benches can be as simple or intricate as you’d like. This bench inscribes a name and special meaning.

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Buddy Bench

Has your school lost a student or faculty member? A buddy bench may be a good addition to your campus.

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Unique Benches

This custom memorial bench was made for Nancy Saad. Her family wanted to include her portrait and a butterfly.

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Outdoor Benches

Our benches are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to create strong outdoor benches. This protects the bench from rust and weathering.

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Custom Designs

Our talented artists can take photographs, logos, wildlife, and mascots, and create a unique, custom design on the back of the metal bench.

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Sceneries & Wildlife

Add beautiful scenic backgrounds to the bench. Mountains, pine trees, elk, and rivers are just a few examples of what we can add to the bench back.

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Logo Options

Have a logo you would like to use on the memorial bench? Email us your logo and our team will tab the design and letters; creating a laser cut ready file.

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Memory Bench

Celebrate an anniversary, birthday, retirement, or other big life event with a custom memory bench. Add special sayings, portraits, and other personalized options.

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Custom Options

Holes were added to the bench back to allow a custom plaque to be mounted. Our team works with you to create the memorial bench you have imagined.  

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Loving Memory

Create a loving memory bench to honor a friend, loved one, or community member that has passed away.

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Share Memories

A picture is worth a thousand words. Memorial benches are meant to help preserve memories and stories.

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Memorial Benches For Judges

Cemetery Bench

Add a custom bench to your local cemetery. This provides a space to reflect and honor those that have passed before us.

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Pet Memorial

Honor your family pet with a special bench. This bench can be placed in backyards, parks, and more.

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Floral Bench

Let the design do the talking. Flowers, mountains, and other nature scenes are captivating options for the bench back.

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Personalized Memorial Garden Benches