Heavy Duty Memorial Benches

Smith Steelworks manufactures heavy duty memorial benches. Our memorial benches are made of steel. The steel is sandblasted, clean of all impurities before a high quality primer and powder coat are sprayed and melted to a silky smooth finish. Each bench can be personalized by you for your loved one. Our benches include, images, quotes or messages, color and texture choice, and your choice of bench style.

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Our Memorial Benches

Powder Coating

First and foremost, our heavy duty memorial benches are made of high quality steel. After the bench is formed we sandblast the steel to clean any oil, rust, or impurities from the steel.


Above is an example of the possible text and images that can be cut into our heavy duty steel benches. A special message, quote, or phrase can be laser cut in teach each steel bench.


As you can see above is a completed memorial bench.  Your bench can be personalized by your loved one’s likeness, favorite sports team or hobby logo.

Strong, Durable, Beautiful

At Smith Steelworks, we design custom benches that are durable and long-lasting.

In short, Smith Steelwork’s heavy duty memorial benches are strong, durable, and beautiful. First, each bench is made out of superior steel and cleaned of all impurities. Next, the steel is primed, baked in an oven to over 400 degrees, cooled, and then powder coated, not painted. The powder coated color does not fade, chip, and is weather resistant. When the powder coating is baked again atop the primer, the powder coat creates a shell that adheres to the primer and the primer to the cleaned steel.  On the whole the color / primer combination creates a silky smooth finish with unsurpassed quality color. Contact us today at (385) 225-4644 for a memorial bench today.

Sandblasting Burial Benches
Powder Coated Steel Heavy Duty Benches

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