Trail Memorial Benches

Did your loved one have a spot that was special to them? Trail Memorial Benches are a beautiful option to add along a nature path. In addition, benches are designed to withstand the outdoor elements without losing their shine and luster. If you are looking for a way to honor a loved one, look no further than our custom memorial benches.

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Purpose Of Trail Memorial Benches

Trail Memorial Benches were created to preserve your loved one’s memory. The bench can be installed in parks, along trails, backyards, or other outdoor areas.

Bring Family Together

Losing a friend or family member has a way of reevaluating our priorities. The memorial bench brings everyone together through the design process, sharing memories, and being their for the bench unveiling.

Honor Their Memory

Everyone mourns differently. The bench provides a place to share stories, memories, cry, and think about your loved one. It is a place that friends, family, and passerby’s alike can sit and reflect on their own lives.

Memorial Bench Process

Each trail memorial bench is made to order. Our team will work directly with you from initial design to final product.

Email Bench Ideas

To get started, email send an email to with your ideas for the bench back. This may include photos, inscriptions, and the bench style.

Bench Draft

After our team reviews a design we get straight to work on creating a bench draft. This will be emailed to you for approval before it is sent to laser cutting.

Final Product

The bench is laser cut, bent into shape, and welded together. Our three-step powder coating process is applied to the bench. It is then shipped to you.

Nature Setting Memorial Bench

Trail Memorial Bench Features

Add Beauty To The Environment

Our metal memorial benches are designed to bring beauty to the surrounding area. You can choose from vibrant or natural powder coating colors. Powder coat is also an eco-friendly process that does not contain VOC’s that are harmful for the environment.

Powder Coat Finish

As stated above, powder coating is an eco-friendly process that protects the bench from weathering. Powder coat is twiceas thick as paint and resistant to chips, scratches, and scuffs. The color is also resistant to sun fade and will stay bright overtime.


Trail Memorial Benches are made with fully closed welds, stainless steel footpads, and a durable finish. This provides a long-lasting bench that is perfect in outdoor areas.

Order A Memorial Bench

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Call (385) 225-4644 to get started with your order.