Cremation Urn Bench

Looking for a unique way to store your loved one’s cremated ashes? At Smith Steelworks, we now offer the Cremation Urn Bench. This bench provides you with the same benefits as the Classic Memorial Bench, with the upper pipe used as an urn.

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Benches With Cremation Spot
Ashes Deposited In Memorial Bench

How The Cremation Urn Bench Works

Ashes are placed in the top bar of the memorial bench. The bar is then carefully closed with an airtight seal. Lastly, the bench is welded and powder coated like normal.

Note: you will need to mail us the cremated remains via USPS (unless you are local to the Spanish Fork, UT area).

Producing The Cremation Urn Bench

At Smith Steelworks, we strive to provide a streamlined process during the memorial bench design. Although we offer a few bench styles, the Classic Bench is the only style that accommodates ashes.

Cremation Urn Bench Draft

1. Email Bench Ideas

First, email us your cremation bench ideas. For example, this could include a detailed rendering of a bench design, as seen above. If you can envision it, our team can create it.

Cremation Urn Bench Proof

2. Bench Draft

Our designer starts working on the bench draft mockup after we receive your bench ideas and the deposit. The draft is then emailed to you for approval before moving on to manufacturing.

Urn Bench Back Design

3. Completed Bench

Later, the urn bench is laser cut, bent, welded, and powder coated. Our team prides ourselves in our durable, high-quality manufacturing process. Read below to learn more.

Cremation Urn Bench Features

Laser Cut and Bent

It is our mission to create strong, durable benches. This starts with how we assemble the steel bench. The bench body is laser cut from a single sheet of metal and bent into shape. This process requires fewer welds. Welds create small points of weakness and less welds yields a sturdier bench.

Laser Cut Metal Urn Benches
Memorial Urn Bench Unveiling

Bring Community Members Together

This Cremation Urn Bench was made to honor an officer. The bench was placed at a local Home Depot surrounded by friends, family, and community members. Memorial benches provide a space to mourn, honor, and remember. Parks, cemeteries, backyards, local businesses, and campuses are all great places to install a bench.

Beautify The Environment

Along with durability, the benches are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Choose between a variety of powder coating colors, designs on the bench back, and sizes to match the outdoor setting.

Bright Powder Coat Colored Urn Benches

Order A Cremation Urn Bench

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