Anniversary Bench

Looking for a special way to honor a special moment time? The anniversary bench is a beautiful representation of love and life lived. Custom inscriptions, designs, and portraits can be added to the back of the bench back. Place the bench in a backyard, park, or other outdoor location.

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Custom Floral Laser Cut Benches

Designing The Anniversary Bench

Magnolia Flowers For Bench

Send Bench Ideas

Have a favorite flower? Why not use it as the inspiration behind an anniversary bench. When ordering, send our team the ideas you have for the bench. This may include photos, descriptions, inscriptions, and more.

Magnolia Bench Concept

Review Mockup

Next, a mockup of the anniversary bench is emailed to you. This gives you a chance to review the bench mockup and check spelling, dates, design, etc. The design will be sent to laser cutting only after you have approved the mockup.

Custom Magnolia Steel Benches

Finished Bench

Finally, the bench is laser cut from a single sheet of metal. It is then bent into shape and welded together. A three-step powder coating process is used to protect the bench from weathering. Lastly, the bench is shipped to you.

Powder Coating The Anniversary Bench

Worried about the bench weathering outside? Not to worry! Each anniversary bench is durably powder coated to protect the bench surface from rust, sun fade, chips, scratches, and other impurities. Powder coating is also economically friendly process and is available in a large selection of colors. Click here to learn more about powder coating benefits.

Anniversary Bench Strength

Each bench is crafted with strong steel, welds, and powder coat to provide a lifetime of use. This allows the bench to be installed in high traffic areas for daily wear and tear. Below are just a few of our bench features.

Strong Welds

Fully enclosed welds are used on the metal bench. This prevents moisture buildup and weak points.

Laser Cut Flower Bench

Color Options

We offer a large variety of powder coating colors from neutral grays to vibrant blues. Each color provides excellent, durable protection as well as resistance to sun fade.

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