Tribute Bench

The bright red tribute bench overlooks Henderson Elementary’s playground. This bench was created in memory of a former student who had made an impact on the faculty and students alike. Cayde’s life may have been cut short but she had way of sprinkling glitter and happiness wherever she went.

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Cayde’s Tribute Benches Story

Eleven year old Cayde was a double-lung transplant recipient and poster child for Donate Life America. Cayde passed away from a heart condition in 2018. Her family donated a tribute bench to her former elementary school for commemoration. Similar “Love Cayde” Benches are being donated to Ronald McDonald Houses around the United States.

You can read more about Caydence Brannaman’s story here. Please note that Superior Laser Cutting is a Smith Steelworks company.

Step 1: Send Bench Ideas

To start the tribute benches, email your ideas. For Cayde’s Bench, her family wanted to include her signature, portrait, butterflies, and some of her favorite sayings. The family also provided a sketch of the bench to show placement of the designs.

Not sure where to start? Click here to view our past memorial benches for inspiration.

Step 2: Review Tribute Bench Mockup

Our designer will take the ideas and turn them into a bench mockup. This will provide a real life look of how the tribute bench will look. The mockup will be emailed to you for approval before it is sent to be laser cut.

Step 3: Bench Is Manufactured

Lastly, the bench is laser cut, welded, sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. Powder coat is available in a variety of bright colors to accentuate any tribute bench. You can view all colors here.

Tough Designed Tribute Benches

Our tribute benches are designed to be long-lasting in all outdoor conditions.

Weatherproof Layer

A three-step process is applied to the metal bench. This includes sandblasting, which removes old paint, rust, and other impurities. It also gives the metal a profiled surface similar to sanding. Epoxy primer is then applied to the bench. It is 1/10th the size of powder coat and seeps deep into the metal surface. An electrostatic spray gun is then used to powder coat the bench. It is then cured at 400 degrees. The finished bench will be smooth to the touch and resistant to chips, scratches, scuffs, and sun fade.

Bright Color

Whether the tribute bench is powder coated classic black or brilliant blue, the color will stay bright overtime. Powder coat is resistant to sun fade and does not leave a chalky residue.

Strong Product

At Smith Steelworks, our memorial benches are made to last. Each bench is cut from durable steel that is bent into shape. This process reduces the need for as many welds; creating fewer points of weakness.

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