Memorial Park Benches

Memorial park benches offer a serene spot for sitting and resting, while also adding to the beauty of your local parks. This bench not only honors the Niccum’s grandfather and father but also commemorates the memories of growing up in the canyon. With its durable powder-coated finish, this beautiful bench will maintain a brand-new appearance for many years, enduring sun, rain, and snow.

Interested in creating a memorial park bench for a loved one? Reach out to us at (385)-225-4644 or click the link below!

How Do We Make Memorial Park Benches?

Brainstorm Ideas

Be sure to send any ideas or designs you have to Our team will compile your ideas and create a mock up of what your bench will look like. Once you give the green light, we’ll send it over to the shop.


Next, we laser cut your design/inscriptions into the metal and cut the body of the bench from a single sheet of steel.  After we bend the bench into shape, we weld on the the arms and legs.

Powder Coating

Finally, we sandblast the bench, removing any impurities from the metal. We apply primer and powder coating in a color of your choice. After it cures in the oven, your park memorial bench is ready for use!

Installation Site

This particular bench is placed in a beautiful property in Northern California. We recommend installing your benches in places with special meaning or sparks peace for your family. Our benches have been placed in playgrounds, parks, nature trails, and golf courses. Take a look at our other installations here.

Memories Captured

The redwood tree for the Niccum family symbolizes their cherished memories together in the canyon. The bench serves to solidify these moments for future generations. Memorial benches also establish a central meeting place for families to gather and remember their loved ones.

Creating Memories For Niccum Family

Why Choose Our Memorial Park Benches?

Our benches are entirely customizable. You can incorporate pictures, portraits, and inscriptions into the bench’s design. Additionally, you can select the preferred style, size, and color that suits your preferences. Our expert technicians have many years of experience and always handle your products with precise care. Get started today by clicking below!