Steel Name Memorial Benches

Steel Name Memorial Benches provide a simple way to honor your loved ones. This particular bench was made for Clayton Schofield, a beloved son who died too young. This bench provides Clayton’s family an established area to rest and remember him. Our benches are designed to last years and years even in intense sun and snow.

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Clayton's At Smith Steelworks

Steel Name Memorial Bench Process

We recognize how hard it is to lose loved ones. That’s why we craft each bench with precise care and detail.  Read below to learn about our process of making benches.

1. Send Ideas

First, email over any ideas you would like to add to your bench. Although this bench contains a simple inscription, we can add pictures, portraits, and sceneries.

Priming Process Of Steel Name Memorial Benches

4. Sandblast and Prime

Next, we sandblast the metal down to a white metal finish, removing any impurities. We then prime the bench in a thin epoxy coat. Priming ensures your benches longevity outdoors.

2. Approve Bench Proof

Next, our team will review your ideas and will create a bench draft. You have the chance to review and approve the design before it is sent to manufacturing.

Steel Name Memorial Benches

5. Powder Coat

Finally, we powder coat your bench in any shade. Check out our color options here. Unlike liquid paint, powder coat is resistant to chipping, fading, and scratching.

Fabrication For Steel  Name Memorial Benches

3. Fabrication

Then our team laser cuts your design and inscriptions into the steel allowing for minute and sharp details. Our expert technicians then cut, bend, and weld the bench into the shape.

Shipping For Steel Name Memorial Bench

6. Shipping

Our last step is to ship the bench directly to you. Once you receive it, we recommend installing the bench in a place that sparks peace or was meaningful to your loved one.

Why Choose Smith Steelworks?

At Smith Steelworks we promise to provide the highest quality products. We value honesty, hard work, and excellent customer service. Our technicians, have a firm view on precision to detail and make sure each product is thoroughly inspected during each step. We are also proud members of the powder coating institution; ensuring our standards are always up to code.


Ordering Steel Name Memorial Benches

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