Sports Memorial Bench

Was a certain sport important to your loved one? Design a sports memorial bench in honor of their memory. We have created benches around baseball, golf, and other sports themes. The bench can be placed in parks, backyards, golf courses, etc.

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Sports Memorial Bench

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Ready to get started? Read below to learn about the memorial bench process.

Ideas For Sports Memorial Bench

1. Send Ideas

Email your bench ideas. Above is an example of what was sent for this sports memorial bench. You can send what you want to bench to read, clipart, color options, and more.

Sports Memorial Bench Mockup

2. Bench Mockup

Next, our design team takes your ideas and creates a bench mockup. You will review it for spelling mistakes and to have any changes made to the overall look. It will then be sent to manufacturing.

Golf Sports Memorial Bench

3. Final Product.

Last, the sports memorial bench is laser cut. This allows for small cuts and intricate artistic details. In addition, the bench is bent, welded, and sandblasted, primed, and powder coated.

Sports Memorial Bench Features

At Smith Steelworks, our benches are more than just a pretty piece of furniture. Memorial benches are sturdy and long-lasting. Below are a few examples of what we do to ensure the durability of the bench.

Bent Into Shape

Memorial benches are laser cut from a single sheet of metal and bent into shape. This process requires fewer welds that yields a stronger bench. All welds we use are fully welded to prevent moisture from gathering in the bench spaces.

Stainless Steel Foot Pads

It starts with the feet. Stainless steel foot pads are welded to the bench legs. Stainless steel is a naturally rust resistant metal and will prevent corrosion from creeping up the bench legs.

Rust Resistant Memorial Benches
Powder Coated Golf Sports Benches

Three-Step Powder Coating Process

Sports memorial benches are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. Sandblasting removes old paint, rust, and oil from the metal bench. Blasting also creates a textured surface, similar to sanding. Epoxy primer is 1/10th the particle size of powder coat and seeps deep into the bench surface. Primer is needed for all outdoor products. Finally, powder coat is applied to the metal bench. It is twice the thickness of paint and holds up against chips and scratches.

Order A Sports Memorial Bench

Each bench is made to order. Call (385) 225-4644 to get started on a custom memorial bench.