8-Foot Memorial Park Bench

An 8-foot memorial park bench is a great way to honor and remember your loved ones. At Smith Steelworks, we craft our benches to be durable, long lasting, and beautiful additions to outdoor furnitures. This particular bench is our longest model and can comfortable hold up to four people. We craft our benches to stay strong even in intense wheather like sun, rain, and snow.

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Stacy Forsgren 8-Foot Memorial Park Bench

8-Foot Memorial Bench Process

Design Idea For Stacy Forsgren

Idea Design

First, email over any ideas you would like to add to your bench. For this bench, the client went with a simple but timeless look of just adding the name. We can also customize it more by adding any portraits, inscriptions, and pictures.

Fabrication Of 8-foot Memorial Park Bench

Bench Rendering

Next, our design team creates a mock up of what the bench will look like. We pledge to always make any changes you desire and we’ll never move forward without your approval. Once you are completely satisfied we move onto fabrication.

Final Product Of 8-Foot Memorial Bench

Finished Product

Finally, we cut, bend, and weld the bench into shape. It then enters our three step powder coating process of  sandblasting, priming, and powder coating the bench surface. This process can be done in any color and texture you desire.

Stacy Boerner Forsgren Memorial Park Bench

Our Largest Bench

This 8-foot bench is the largest bench we offer at Smith Steelworks. It’s design contains incredible strength and stays looking new for years to come. It works perfect for parks and plazas. It’s design can comfortably hold up to four people and creates a great buddy bench for kids!

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