School Memorial Benches

Looking for a way to honor a faculty member or student who has passed away? School memorial benches are designed to honor that person’s life and provide a place for remembrance. At Smith Steelworks, we recently designed a memorial bench in remembrance of Larry Paul, who had been a music teacher for three and a half decades. The school and community wanted a way to honor his life and help everyone during this difficult time. Here is a look at how the Larry Paul Memorial Bench was created.

Design School Memorial Benches

The memorial bench design concept is usually a collaborative effort from both the family and our team at Smith Steelworks. Here is a look at how the Larry Paul Bench came to be.

Send Bench Designs

For the Larry Paul school memorial bench, it was his daughter, Beth, who came up with the bench design. She chose a photo of her father playing his trumpet during pep band because it was a large part of his life. The first line of the Clearwater Valley pep song is next to his trumpet.

Bench Proof Is Created

Once Beth emailed the design to Smith Steelworks, it was our job to bring the depiction to life. Our designer was able to take the ideas and turn them into a laser cut ready mockup. The realistic mockup is shown for final approval before it goes to production.

Finished Product

The school memorial bench is laser cut and bent into shape. Arms and legs are fully welded. Next, a three-step powder coat process is applied to the memorial bench. Lastly, the finished bench is wrapped up and shipped directly to your school for final installation.

School Memorial Bench Purpose

This school bench was extra special to us because the owner, Russel Smith, was one of Larry Paul’s former students. Russel and his siblings all had Larry as their music teacher. He said that although he never learned to carry a tune, the lessons he learned from Larry have helped shape him into the businessman he is today.

The bench will now rest at the school where Mr. Paul spent so much of his life teaching. It will be special spot for students, friends, and faculty members to gather to share stories and remember.

Unmatched Bench Durability

The memorial bench is cut from a single sheet of metal that is then bent into shape. This method requires fewer welds. Why is that important? Each weld creates a point of weakness. Less welds equals a stronger, more durable bench.

Powder Coated Finish

Powder coat is applied to the bench and baked at 400 degrees. The finish will be smooth to the touch and less likely to have chips, scratches, and scuff marks. Color will also stay true and vibrant, even after prolonged sun exposure.

Personalized Designs

Why choose Smith Steelworks for a custom memorial bench? We believe that the personalized touches are what make the bench special. Our team is capable of adding portraits, inscriptions, sheet music, etc. You also choose the powder coating color.

Create Custom Memorial Benches

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