Steel Memorial Bench

Honor a loved one with a steel memorial bench. Each bench is available with custom laser cut designs, powder coat colors, bench styles, and sizes. This particular memorial bench was designed in remembrance of Detective Tanisha Pughsley.

Thank you to Tanisha’s family for trusting us to make this special bench. Call (385) 225-4644 to get started on a memorial bench.

Gone but never forgotten, your memories will forever remain.

Steel Memorial Benches For Those That Have Died

Steel Memorial Bench Features:

Personalized Designs

Personalization is an important element of the steel memorial benches. Notably, portraits, sceneries, logos, inscriptions, and other special designs along the bench back.

Size & Style Options

Memorial benches are available in 4′, 6′, and 8′ sizes. Classic Arch, Classic, and Metropolitan are the three bench style options. Classic Arch in size 6′ is our most popular combination.

Powder Coat Colors

Memorial benches are powder coated in a variety of colors to match any setting. Powder coat is twice as thick as normal paint and is resistant to chips and scratches.

Durable Product

Our memorial benches are crafted from durable steel to hold up year after year. For example: fully closed welds, stainless steel footpads, and a sturdy design.

Unveiling The Steel Memorial Bench

The steel memorial bench was constructed in honor of Detective Tanisha D. Pughsley, who was a victim of domestic violence. Along with the bench, a walking path and pavilion were made in honor of Tanisha’s memory. You can learn more about the park here.

Detective Pughsley Steel Memorial Bench

Honors Your Loved One’s Memory

Memorial benches provide a place for friends, family, and strangers alike to sit and take a moment to reflect and remember. For Tanya’s loved ones, the bench provides a space to recount special moments, memories, to mourn, and to honor her. For others, the bench might give them pause to think of their own loved ones that have passed and provide a special spot to slow down.

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