Hospital Garden Memorial Bench

This hospital garden memorial bench provides a great spot for patients, nurses, and visitors to spend time outside. These benches are usually dedicated to honorable doctors or nurses who have passed on. At Smith Steelworks, we create each bench with care and precision. We customize any design and can powder coat your bench in any color! Take a look at our previous bench designs and colors here.

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Hospital Garden Memorial Bench Process

Email Ideas

To begin, email over your ideas. For this particular bench our client wanted to add a caduceus, a recognizable nursing symbol and a name/date. You can also include any portraits and pictures.

Design Rendering

Next, our experienced design team compiles your ideas and creates a draft. Once you are completely satisfied with the draft, we’ll send the designs to our fabrication team.


In the last step, we make the design with a laser cutter, which allows precise and sharp details. Then we weld the bench together. We end with a powder coat finish and then ship the bench to you.

Meaning In The Bench

Della Malone served as a nurse at the Woodland Heights Medical Center for 41 years. Della had a passion and a genuine desire to bless others. The Woodland Heights community wanted to honor her passion with this dedication bench. Now the bench, placed in their medical center garden, provides a place for patients and nurses to rest and remember Della. 

Why A Powder Coated Finish?

A powder coating finish creates a strong outer layer that can withstand outdoor elements. To start the process, we first sandblast the bench. This removes any impurities from the metal and creates a profiled surface. Next, we prime the bench in a thin epoxy coat. This step is crucial for any outdoor products. Finally, we powder coat the bench in any color and texture of your choice. This hospital bench was coated in our vibrant Bengal Red color.

To learn more about powder coating benefits, click here.

Order A Hospital Memorial Bench

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