Memorial Benches For Cemeteries

Memorial benches for cemeteries is a meaningful way to honor a loved one.  Our memorial benches are durable, as well as, fade and rust resistant.  We also have a large collection of colors and styles for you to choose from.  In addition, each bench can be personalized to reflect the life and impact your loved one has had on the world.  Ultimately, what a wonderful way to show the world the personality and passion of the one that has past?  Contact us at (385) 225-4644 directly to order one today.

Ordering Memorial Benches For Cemeteries

Step 1: Send Ideas

First, call or email Smith Steelworks to order a memorial bench. You can include a photo, image, or personal message to be added to the metal bench back.

Step 2: Create Design

Next, our design team will work with each customer.  Together you will choose the bench style, image, powder coat color, size, message, and font.

Step 3: Manufacture

Then, the memorial bench design will be manufactured to your instructions. Finally, Smith Steelwork’s memorial bench will delivered to our customers.

Personalizing Your Cemetery Bench

Bench Style

Smith Steelworks provides multiple styles of memorial benches to choose from.

Bench Color

Multiple color choices and textures are available to our customers for their personalized cemetery benches.

Photo / Images

A photo of a loved one or a favorite image helps personalize your memorial bench.

Quote / Font

A personal message or quote can be written in a specific font can express meaning to your memorial bench.

Start Your Order

Ready to start a custom memorial bench? Send us a call at (385) 225-4644 or email to get started on your order. When ordering, we will provide an expected delivery date.