Name Memorial Benches

Looking for a personalized bench to remember the loss of an infant or child? At Smith Steelworks, we design name memorial benches that are available with custom designs, quotes, names, and dates. These benches are beautiful additions to cemeteries, parks, backyards, campuses, and other outdoor areas.

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Name Memorial Benches

Designing Name Memorial Benches

Each bench is made to order. Below is an example of a previous bench we made for a family that experienced the loss of a new baby.

1. Email Design Ideas

First, email us your bench ideas. This may include: photos, clipart, logos, wording to use, powder coating colors, bench style, etc. You may also want to include pictures of previous benches we have created to show what the design style you have in mind.

2. Review Bench Mockup

Second, our team will look through your bench ideas and create a mockup. Next, the bench mockup will be emailed to you for review and approval. The manufacturing process doesn’t start until you give the green light on the design.

3. Finished Bench

Lastly, the name memorial benches are cut from a single sheet of metal and bent into place. Arms and legs are welded on and the bench goes through a three-step powder coating process. It is then packaged and shipped to you.

Features of Name Memorial Benches

Durable Furniture

Our memorial benches are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and durable. The Classic and Classic Arch Bench are cut from one sheet of metal. This method reduces the amount of welds needed. This gives the bench fewer points of weakness.

Lasting Color

Worried that the bench color will fade overtime? Heavy-duty powder coating is resistant to sun fade and chalking; even with prolonged outdoor exposure. We offer a large variety of colors including: Bengal Blue, Copper Canyon, and Satin Black.

Beautiful Designs

Our name memorial benches are a work of art. At Smith Steelworks, we work with talented artists who bring your ideas into reality. Designs are laser cut directly into the bench back. Laser cutters create precise, small cuts that allow for intricate design work.

Weather Resistant

Sandblast, prime, and powder coat is applied to each bench. This process creates a weather resistant finish that prevents chips, scratches, and scuffs. The metal bench will be protected against all four seasons without succumbing to rust.

It’s All In The Details

Memorial benches play a part in the healing process. We want the bench to be a place for remembering, mourning, and honoring your loved one’s memory. To achieve this, we believe the details are important to the memory bench. Did your loved one have a favorite song or football team? What was their favorite color? Personalization is what makes our benches so unique.

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