Funeral Benches

Funeral benches are a beautiful way to honor a loved one that has passed. The bench makes a wonderful addition to community parks, gardens, campuses, backyards, and more.

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Funeral Benches

The Funeral Bench Purpose

The funeral benches were created to pay tribute to those that have passed before us. It offers a physical reminder of your loved one and a place to share memories. Many people choose to put the bench in a place that was meaningful to the departed. Our team also works with you to create custom designs on the funeral bench. Personalized inscriptions, sceneries, portraits, special sayings, etc. are all examples of what can be added to the bench design.

Honor Their Memory

No two people are the same and their memorial bench shouldn’t be either. That is why our design team works with you from beginning to end to create a special bench for your loved one. Whether that means adding their favorite flower, car, color, or font; we do it all.

Below is an example of the design process.

Powder Coated Funeral Bench

Send Photos

To get started on the funeral bench, send your ideas, including photos. The photos can be turned into a laser cut file and become part of the metal bench design.

Bench Proof

A bench proof is created from your design ideas and photos. It is emailed to you for final approval and revisions before the manufacturing process begins.

Finished Bench

The bench body is cut from a single sheet of metal. It is then bent into place and arms and legs are added. Powder coating is applied for a long-lasting finish.

Bench Styles:

We offer three bench styles: Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan. The benches are also available in the following sizes: 4′, 6′, and 8′.