Memorial Metal Benches

Honor a loved one with a custom memorial bench designed specifically for them. At Smith Steelworks, our memorial metal benches are crafted to be long-lasting, durable, and beautiful additions to outdoor spaces. Start an order today by calling (385)-225-4644 or clicking the button below.

Custom Memorial Metal Benches

Memorial Metal Benches Design Process

01. Email Design Ideas

To get started, first send us an email with the ideas you have for the memorial bench. For example, this customer included two photos of past benches we’ve made, as well as a poem and a photo of a man and his dog.

02. Review Bench Mockup

Next, our team will take your ideas and create a bench draft. This provides a realistic representation of how the final bench will look. It will be emailed to you for review. Once approved, the fabrication process will begin.

Vincent Lee Memorial Metal Benches

03. Bench Production

Lastly, the bench undergoes laser cutting, bending, welding, and, finally, it is sent for powder coating. The powder coating process consists of three-steps: sandblast, prime, and powder coat. You can learn more about it here.

Bench Features

Our memorial metal benches are a great addition to parks, cemeteries, backyards, school campuses, and other public areas. A few features of our benches include: color options, custom designs, weather-resistance, and multiple bench sizes and styles. For further questions, please contact us by clicking the link below.

Color Options

A wide selection of powder coat colors is available, including options ranging from timeless bronze to vibrant blue and everything in between.


In addition to providing a beautiful finish, powder coat is twice the thickness of paint and acts as a defensive shield. This barrier protects the bare metal from rain, snow, hail, and UV rays, which often lead to rust, corrosion, sun fading, and scratches.

Custom Designs

Memorial metal benches are made to order. This allows for complete customization for both the backrest and seat. Popular design options include dedicatory inscriptions, names, dates, portraits, and sceneries.

Bench Sizes & Styles

Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan are the three metal bench style options. The bench is also available in 4′, 6′ and 8′ sizes. Classic Arch in 6′ is our most popular combination.

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