Memorial Benches

At Smith Steelworks, we design and manufacture memorial benches for families, friends, and businesses across the United States. Each bench is available with full custom options. This includes: inscriptions, images, landscapes, and more.

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Memorial Benches For Baby Crew

Stainless Steel Legs

Each memorial bench is welded with stainless steel legs. This keeps erosion from creeping up the bench.

Weatherproof Finish

The bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. This keeps the metal free from rust and corrosion.

Fewer Welds

The memorial bench is cut from a single sheet of metal and bent into shape. This allows for fewer welds.

Vibrant Color Options

Powder coat is available in a large variety of colors. Copper Canyon was used for this custom memorial bench.

Bench Options

Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan are our current three bench options. You can view all bench types here.

Laser Cut Designs

Custom designs are cut directly into the steel bench. The laser produces precise cuts and smooth edges.

Memorial Bench Process

Beautiful process of creating the memorial bench.

Send Your Ideas:

Email us at with all your ideas for the memorial bench. This helps give our team a clear vision of what you are looking for in the bench design. For this bench, the customer was wanting to incorporate a picture of their child and the Uruguay Temple. They also wanted to incorporate a heart to symbolize the heart defect that their baby died from.

We Send Memorial Bench Proof:

Next, our team of designers compile all of your ideas and come up with a memorial bench proof. We work with true artists that will turn your vision into laser cut ready files. The design will then be sent to you via email for final approval. You will have the opportunity have any changes made to the bench design before it is sent to be laser cut and welded.

Finished Memorial Bench:

The memorial bench is cut from a single sheet of metal. We use a fiber optic laser that provides clean cuts and smooth edges. The bench is then bent into shape. This allows for fewer welds; creating a stronger bench. The arms and legs are then added. Lastly, the metal bench is sent to be powder coated. You can choose from our color selection here.

From Photograph To Bench

Adding a photo of your loved one to the bench is a beautiful way to honor their memory. When going over bench details with our designer, be sure to email any photos you would like included in the bench artwork. Our design team is capable of turning those images into a laser cut ready file.

You can view more portrait benches here.

Purpose Of Memorial Benches

The first memorial bench we created was for one of our own family members. We wanted a bench in a local park, one of his favorite places. It has now become a place to visit to laugh, cry, and mostly, remember.

Since then, we have worked with other families and cities around the nation to create their own special benches. The memorial benches have been placed in cemeteries, parks, backyards, on campuses, and more.