Memorial Outdoor Benches

The memorial outdoor benches were designed as a way to pay tribute to friends and loved ones that have passed. Each memorial bench is available with fully customizable options. This could include anything from personal inscriptions, portraits, landscapes, special landmarks, and more.

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Astronomy Detailed Memorial Benches

Memorial Outdoor Bench Personalization

Custom Design Options

One of our favorite aspects of the bench is the ability to customize it however you would like. We work with trained artists and designers to bring the vision that you have for the outdoor bench to life. For this memorial bench, the family wanted to incorporate some of their late son’s artwork into the back of the bench. Our team were able to take the drawings and turn them into a file that could be cut into the metal bench.

Capture Their Essence

To include even more customization, send us photos of your loved one that you would like to have added to the bench back. Our team will then go in and sketch out the image and provide proper tabbing for the laser cutter.

We will also send you a realistic mockup of how the finished bench will look before we begin the manufacturing process. This will give you the opportunity to approve the design and have any changes made to the bench.

Memorial Outdoor Benches Are Designed To Last

Weatherproof Finish

Each memorial bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to the color of your choice. (You can view our color options here.) Not only does this provide a long-lasting color, but also a durable coat that is resistant to chips and scratches. This protects the bare metal from coming into contact with moisture that would cause rust and corrosion to form.

Stainless Steel Footpads

As with all of our site furniture, the memorial outdoor benches are capable of being moved around and bolted down. In the process of moving around heavy furnishings, it is possible to scuff up the bottom of the bench’s feet. As a result, we design the benches with stainless steel footpads to prevent any tarnish or oxidation from creeping up the bench legs.

Durable Design

The benches are created to be heavy-duty and last for years to come. To accomplish this task, each outdoor bench is designed from a single sheet of metal. Once the metal bench has been laser cut, it is then bent into shape. This design process cuts down on the number of welds needed to complete the bench. The fewer the welds, the fewer points of weakness.