Bench Memorial

The bench memorial was created as a beautiful tribute for loved ones that have passed. The bench is available with custom designs, inscriptions, and color options. We have found the bench memorial to be a form of healing and remembering. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of that journey.

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Custom Design Options

Powder Coat Finish

Lasting Memories

What we Do

Bench Memorial Process

Send Bench Ideas

Get started on the memorial bench by sending us your ideas. This can include a sketch that shows how you want the bench to look. You can also send Word Docs, AI Files, and more.

Bench Proof

Our designers take your ideas and turns them into a bench proof. This is a realistic representation of how the finished bench will look. It will be sent for final approval before cutting.

Finished Product

The bench is cut from a sheet of metal that is then bent into shape. A powder coat is applied for a durable finish. The bench memorial is then shipped to you.

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I will FOREVER be grateful to Smith Steelworks!! Starting with Russel the owner, who from the very beginning was a kind soul, to the design artist (who patiently made multi changes to my design) and including the skilled men who made the benches. My benches were in memory of 2 of my children in Heaven and placed in our local middle and high schools. It was so important to me that the benches represent the beautiful children they were, but also be AMAZING to look at!!! With the help and work of everyone at Smith Steelworks, they were exactly what I had envisioned and more. I smile every time I see them and I know my children would say “great job Mom”…

Perfect Addition to the Community

The bench memorial brings friends, family, and community members together. It can be placed in a local park, cemetery, school, and more. Somewhere that will act as a spot for contemplating, remembering, and being together.


At Smith Steelworks, our benches are designed to last year after year.



Inside or outside. Rain or shine. The memorial benches are created to hold up without succumbing to rust and corrosion.


Custom Designs

We work with you on custom designs for the memorial bench. This can include: portraits, inscriptions, sceneries, and more.


Color Options

Each bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to a smooth finish. The powder coat is available in a variety of color options.


Bench Styles

Three memorial bench styles are available: Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan. Classic Arch is most popular.

Gone But Never Forgotten

Going through loss is hard and everyone grieves in a different way. Having a memorial bench provides a space for everyone. Although some families choose to put the bench in the cemetery, many select other locations.

The Savanna and David Bench was placed at their school. This was a place that was important to them and where they met many of their friends. Now the bench acts as a place to reminisce and remember.

Funeral Benches

Funeral benches are a beautiful way to honor a loved one that has passed. The bench makes a wonderful addition to community parks, gardens, campuses, backyards, and more. Choose from various sizes, bench styles, and powder coat colors.

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The Funeral Bench Process

The funeral benches were created to pay tribute to those that have passed before us. It offers a physical reminder of your loved one and a place to share memories. Many people choose to put the bench in a place that was meaningful to the departed. Our team also works with you to create custom designs on the funeral bench. Personalized inscriptions, sceneries, portraits, special sayings, etc. are all examples of what can be added to the bench design.

Send Photos

To get started on the funeral bench, send your ideas, including photos. The photos can be turned into a laser cut file and become part of the metal bench design.

Bench Proof

A bench proof is created from your design ideas and photos. It is emailed to you for final approval, review, and revisions before the manufacturing process begins.

Finished Bench

The bench body is cut from a single sheet of metal. It is then bent into place and arms and legs are added. Powder coating is applied for a long-lasting finish.

Honor Their Process

No two people are the same and their memorial bench shouldn’t be either. That is why our design team works with you from beginning to end to create a special bench for your loved one. Whether that means adding their favorite flower, car, color, or font; we do it all.

Below is an example of the design process.

Funeral Bench Styles

We offer three bench styles: Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan. The benches are also available in the following sizes: 4′, 6′, and 8′.