Memorial Steel Benches

Honor a loved one with a memorial steel bench. Our team works closely with each client to create a personalized memorial bench. At Smith Steelworks, our benches are crafted to be durable, long-lasting, and a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Start your order today by calling (385)-200-1260 or click the button below.

Memorial steel bench by Smith Steelworks

Designing the Memorial Steel Bench

Closer shot of Smith steel works welded goods.

Email Information

To start the personalized memorial bench, first email us any ideas you have. For this bench, they included a portrait of him with his guitar, mountains, and temple.

Premade design of a Memorial steel bench

Realistic Mockup

Our designers will compile your ideas and photos to create a draft. Once we’ve received the final approval from you, the design is sent to the shop to start the fabrication process.

Welding a steel memorial bench at Smith Steelworks

Finished Bench

During fabrication, the memorial bench is laser cut, welded, and put through a three-step powder coating process. We package the bench and ship it directly to you.

Meaning Behind The Memorial Steel Bench

Green mountains to show outline on Smith Steelworks bench


A popular design is to add a portrait on the bench. Our designer is top of the line and spends many hours arranging the perfect draft to capture the likelihood of your loved ones. Make sure to send in photographs you’ld like to portray!


Add a special location like mountains, buildings, landmarks, or temples. For this particular bench, our client chose to add his favorite temple and mountains, as well as a sentimental train. Our design team has many years of experience creating beautiful peices.

Powder Coat Finish

All metal memorial benches are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to create a strong, smooth finish. Our three step powder coating process guarantees, that your benches won’t chip, peel, scratch, or corrode over the years. This process protects the bench from intense sun, rain, and snow. These benches can be powder coated in a wide variety of colors and textures. Check out our options here.

Strong Design

At Smith Steelworks, our benches are cut from one sheet of metal. This method eliminates the number of welds that are needed. Cutting back on welds makes steel benches stronger and look nicer. Our craftsmen create closed welds. This seals off the welds from any moisture, ensuring your bench will last for years to come.