Remembrance Garden Benches

Smith Steelworks manufactures remembrance garden benches. Fully custom design options are available on the bench back. This includes anything from portraits, sceneries, logos, mascots, and more. Each bench is made of durable steel, which is rust, scratch and fade resistant.

To order a memorial bench please call (385) 225-4644.

Designing Remembrance Garden Benches


First, a copy of the design that was created and submitted for John Russell Hapgood’s garden remembrance bench.  The design includes text and images.


Then Smith Steelworks uses the desired design to laser cut the images and text into  steel plates.  The steel plates are then securely welded into place.


Finally, our welders are assembling and welding the laser cut steel plates into the bench.  We use folded welding which prevents weather and rust damage. 

Powder Coating Process For Remembrance Garden Benches

Each of our all steel benches goes through a three-step powder coating process to make sure the bench will be resistant to rust, scratch, and color fade. First, each metal bench is sandblasted to remove any impurities such as oils, dirt, old paint, or rust . It also creates a profiled surface such as sandpaper so that the primer adheres securely to the bench steel.  We then prime the bench which adheres to the metal and creates a coating that melts together like a “candy shell” around and in the bench, smoothing out  cut corners and edges.  Finally, each bench is powder coated which also secures itself to the primer and then when heated in our industrialized ovens melts making a smooth, silky surface.

Bench Durability

At Smith Steelworks, we manufacture top-of-the-line, heavy-duty memorial benches. These benches are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, no matter if there’s heavy snow, rain, or sun.

Fully Closed Welds

Our metalworkers fully close every weld used on the bench. This protects the bench from moisture buildup and points of integrity.

Powder Coated Finish

In addition to preserving the metal bench, powder coat is also visually appealing. It is vibrant and resistant to chalking and sun fade.

Email or call (385) 225-4644 to get started on a remembrance bench.