Graveyard Benches

Looking for a place to sit while visiting a loved one’s grave? Our graveyard benches are beautiful additions to a cemetery or park. Each bench is available with custom detailing across the bench back. Add simple wording or go all out with portraits and intricate designs. The choice is yours.

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Powder Coated Graveyard Benches

Graveyard Benches Design Process

Get started on a graveyard bench today. Below is a step by step guide of how the design process works.

Ideas For The Metropolitan Bench Backing

1. Email Bench Ideas

To begin, call or email your ideas for the bench. Choose from our three bench styles, sizes, and powder coat finishes. Likewise, include wording, photos, etc. that you would like included on the bench back.

Patricia Swanson Bench Draft

2. Approve Bench Proof

Next, your bench ideas are compiled by our team. We create a bench proof that provides a realistic look at the finished bench. The proof is emailed to you for approval before manufacturing.

Patricia Swanson Bench Draft

3. Finished Bench

Last, the metal bench is created. Our graveyard benches are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Be sure to keep reading to learn more about the fabrication procedure.

Manufacturing Graveyard Benches

At Smith Steelworks, we strive to provide the heaviest-duty memorial bench on the market.

Laser Cut and Welded

The graveyard bench is laser cut to allow for precise, small cuts. The bench parts are then welded together. All welds are fully closed to prevent moisture buildup. Welds are also ground down and smoothed over for a clean finish.

Welding Graveyard Benches
Sandblasting Graveyard Benches

Sandblast White Metal Finish

Immediately after the bench is sent to be powder coated. First, the bench is sandblasted to a white finish. (As shown in picture to the left) Sandblasting removes impurities from the metal including: old paint, rust, oil spots, etc. It also creates a textured profile that is needed for the primer and powder to adhere to the metal surface.

Prime and Powder Coat Finish

Next, the graveyard bench is primed and powder coated. Epoxy primer is 1/10th the size of powder coat top coat and is first applied to the metal and then baked. After, the graveyard bench is powder coated using an electrostatic spray gun. It is once again baked, leaving a durable finished bench. You can view the color options here.

Custom Metal Graveyard Benches

Features of Graveyard Benches

Bright Finish

Worried about how the bench will look year after year? We only use strong polyester powders that keep their color. No need to worry about sun fade or chalking with our benches.

Rust Resistant

Our three-step powder coating process protects the metal from rust and other weathering issues. Memorial benches are designed to hold up during all four seasons.

Body Styles

You have the choice between our three memorial bench body styles. This includes: Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan. Classic Arch is our most popular.

Beautiful Designs

What makes our benches standout? We work with the best team of artists to turn your design ideas into a reality. Add portraits, landscapes, special texts, mascots, and more.

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