Durable Memorial Bench

Interested in adding a memorial bench to a cemetery or park? Is there concern about how the bench will weather over time? At Smith Steelworks, we create beautiful, long-lasting benches that will hold up over all four seasons. The durable memorial bench is structurally designed and powder coated to withstand harsh rain, snowstorms, scorching summers, and everything in between. Need more reassurance? We are based in Utah after all.

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Child Themed Memory Bench

Durable Memorial Bench Purpose

Memorial benches became a product we sold almost by happenstance. Originally, Smith Steelworks created custom benches solely for businesses and cities. However, the owner’s brother experienced the unexpected loss of his son, Richard. A special dedicatory bench was designed in memory of Richard. It was placed in a local park near their home and provided a space to sit and honor his memory.

Almost immediately we started receiving requests for other memorial benches and it turned into one of our most treasured products to design. We have witnessed firsthand how the memorial bench aids in the healing process and hope that it will bring your family comfort as well.


Durable Memorial Bench Design

Beginning To Finished Product

1. Send Ideas

First, email us the design idea you have for the bench back. For example, sketches, photographs, written summaries, and previous work have all been shared for past bench designs. In addition, include the bench style and size.

2. Review Mockup

A mockup of the durable memorial bench is created using your ideas. The mockup is emailed for the purpose of review, revision, and approval. Your official sign off is needed in order to progress to the manufacturing stage.

+ Bench styles include: Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan.

3. Laser Cut

Next, the bench is cut from a single sheet of metal. Laser cutting allows for small, precise cuts. For this reason we are able to create detailed designs including portraits and intricate lettering along the bench back.

4. Welded

After the bench is bent into place and straightway sent to be welded. Arms and legs are fastened to the bench body by way of durable welds. Each weld is fully closed and smoothed down for a strong finish.

5. Sandblast, Prime, & Powder Coat

Last, the durable memorial bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated for a long-lasting finish. Powder coat is twice as thick as regular paint and is resistant to weathering and rust. Furthermore, powder coat is available in a large selection of colors that will not fade or chalk over time. 

Epoxy Primed Memorial Bench

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