Grandparent Memorial Bench

Have you lost a grandparent or other loved one? Create a custom memorial bench in their honor. The grandparent memorial bench is a beautiful way to pay tribute to their life, memory, and posterity. Each bench is available with personalized design options including: portraits, landscapes, and special wording.

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Grandparent Cemetery Bench


Draft To Finished Product

Grandparent Memorial Bench Process

Our team works with you from original design to finished product. Keep reading to learn more about the bench process.

Grandparents Memorial Bench Draft

1. Bench Draft

First, email us your ideas for the memory bench. This bench above included a portrait of each grandparent, name and dates, and the Mesa, AZ Temple. Our designer takes your concept and creates a draft for the bench. The draft is emailed to you for approval before we move on to manufacturing.

Grandparent Benches For Cemeteries

2. Bench Production

Next, the bench design is sent to be manufactured. First, the bench is laser cut from a single sheet of metal. The metal sheet is then bent into shape. This removes the need for excess welds. Last, powder coat is applied to the cemetery bench to provide long-lasting protection. The bench is then shipped to you.

Benefits of Powder Coating The Grandparent Memorial Bench

What is the purpose of powder coating? Powder coat is twice the thickness of normal paint and resistant to weathering. In fact, powder coating protects the metal from peeling, scratches, chips, rust, and sun fade. Memorial benches will succumb to outdoor exposure without our three-step powder coating process. You can view the color options here.

Grandparent Memorial Bench Durability

Our team at Smith Steelworks is dedicated to creating benches that will last a lifetime. We work with time tested methods to provide the most durable memorial bench on the market. Place memorial benches in local cemeteries, city parks, campuses, and other outdoor spots.

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Memorial Benches For Cemetery Parks

Powder Coated Finish

Memorial benches are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. This three-step process protects the bare metal from fading, chalking, and weathering. A variety of color options are available to match any outdoor setting.

Sturdy Bench Fabrication

As stated above, the grandparent memorial bench is cut from a single sheet of metal. This cuts down on the number of needed welds. The more welds equal more points of weakness. All welds used are fully closed to prevent moisture buildup from occurring.

Order A Grandparent Memorial Bench

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