Memorial Benches for Airports

Memorial benches for airports are a great way to honor fallen pilots. This particular bench was made for a US Marine Corps, Shad Myers, who loved flying. We worked hard at Smith Steelworks to bring this Metropolitan Bench to the family and community of Anamosa Iowa Airport. All benches are available with custom designs that capture so much more than just their name.

If you are interested in a memorial bench, email or call (385) 225-4644.

Shad Myers memorial benches for airports

Memorial Benches for Airports Process

Complied collection of inspiration pictures for memorial bench

Email Ideas

Are you interested in how we make our designs? The first step in a memorial bench process is to send in your ideas. This can be pictures, drawings, inscriptions, notes, or phrases. For example, in this airport memorial bench, they sent in these three pictures.

Draft of Memorial benches for a airport by Smith Steelworks

Bench Mockup

Next, our design team compiles your ideas to a mock draft. This rendering will give you a good idea of what your bench will look like. We will make any changes you request and we will never start until you are completely satsified and give approval to move forward.

Powder coating process of steel bench and Smith Steelworks

Bench Production

This bench is our Metropolitan design. It has a modern and sharp look that looks good in any setting. We laser cut, weld, and grind down the metal. Once it’s assembled, we sandblast, prime, and powder coat the memorial bench for a smooth finish.

Features of Memorial Benches for Airports

Powder coated memorial bench by Smith Steelworks

Weatherproof Finish

All of our memorial benches are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to create the ultimate strong surface. This finish can be coated in any of the many colors we offer. Powder coating will stay looking new even in the hottest summers and coldest winters.

Meaning behind the memorial bench of a Smith Steelworks

The Meaning Behind the Bench

Added on the bench is one of Shad’s personal planes a Grumman traveler. And on the other side was a Chinook helicopter from his time in deployment. Adding personal pictures, messages, and portraits are a great way to put meaning behind the bench.

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