Memorial Bus Stop Benches

Looking to honor a loved one? A custom memorial bench is a unique and special way to pay tribute to their life and memory. These benches are great additions to parks, cemeteries, campuses, as well as bus stops. Each bench is available with personal inscriptions, designs, portraits, bench sizes, styles, and powder coat colors. Order memorial bus stop benches from Smith Steelworks by clicking the button below.

Replace Existing Bench With Memorial Bus Stop Benches

Bus stops are a great place replace an existing bench with a memorial bench. The bench provides a comfortable spot for people to sit and wait for transportation. In addition, it offers a time for reflection; regardless if they knew your loved one personally. Memorial benches have an air of sacredness and gives those around a chance to pause and take a moment for personal reflection.

Call (385) 225-4644 to get started on a custom memorial bus stop bench. We ship across the United States and parts of Canada.

Designing Memorial Bus Stop Benches

Step 1:

Send Design Ideas

Ready to get started on a memorial bus stop bench? First, email us your design ideas. This may include a simple explanation of what you’re looking for or, as seen above, a full design mockup on one of our bench styles. You can also gather inspiration from past memorial benches here.

Step 2:

Review Bench Mockup

Next, your bench design is reviewed and a mockup is created. The mockup will provide a realistic rendering of how the finished memorial bench will look. You will have the opportunity to make changes to the mockup before it’s sent to manufacturing. Mockups are drawn up after receiving a 50% downpayment.

Step 3:

Finished Memorial Bench

The bench is sent to manufacturing immediately after final design approval. Memorial bus stop benches are laser cut, bent into shape, welded, sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. Last, the bench is packaged up and shipped directly to you. Read below to learn more about our bench manufacturing process.

Memorial Bus Stop Benches Durability:

At Smith Steelworks, the bench durability is just as important to us as the overall look. We have crafted and perfected our process for ultimate durability and strength. Bus stop memorial benches will be exposed to harsh weather conditions and daily use. It is important that these memorial benches not only hold up, but hold up well.

Priming Bus Stop Benches

Heavy-Duty Design

Each memorial bench is cut from a single sheet of metal and bent into shape. This method requires fewer welds yielding less points of weakness. Additionally, all welds are fully closed to prevent moisture deposits. The welds are also ground done for a smooth, clean looking finish.

Weather & Rust Resistant

Memorial bus stop benches are specially designed and manufactured to protect against harsh weather conditions. For example, the foot pads are made from stainless steel; which is naturally impervious to rust. This protects oxidation from creeping up the bench legs. Second, the memorial bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated. Powder coat is twice the thickness of most paints, scratch and scuff proof, and maintains its color vibrance.

Kristy Rodriguez Memorial Bench

A special memorial bus stop bench was designed and created in memory of Kristy Rodriguez. Click below to learn more about her story.