Grandchild Memorial Bench

If you’re a grandparent seeking a meaningful way to honor your cherished grandchild, Smith Steelworks offers a personalized grandchild memorial bench. They encapsulate the essence of your grandchild’s spirit, making their memory endure through the years. We offer customization through inscriptions, portraits and bench color. With our memorial bench, you can create a lasting legacy of love and remembrance that will be treasured by family for years to come.

Grandchild Memorial Bench In Sassy Pink

Grandchild Memorial Bench Process

Send Pictures

First, email over any ideas and pictures you would like to incorporate onto your bench. This can include names, dates, inscriptions, and portraits.

Bench Draft

Next, we compile your ideas and create a bench draft. Once you are fully satisfied with the design, we move on to fabrication.


We cut, bend, and weld your bench into shape. Then, we sandblast and prime the surface. Finally, we powder coat in any color of your choice.

Benefits Of Memorial Benches

Powder Coating Grandchild Memorial Bench
Close Shot Of Jocelyn's Bench

Helpful Healing

These benches become more than just a symbol; they become a place of solace, reflection, and connection, where grandparents can find comfort and continue to feel their grandchild’s presence.


Brings Family Together

In addition, memorial benches establish a special place for your family to gather and share memories of your loved ones. Our hope is that the bench provides ways to mourn together.


Coping With Loss

Death is especially hard for children to comprehend. The bench may provide a physical way to connect to their sibling, classmate, or friend that has passed away.


Lasts A Lifetime

Our three step powder coating process ensures your bench will last for decades to come. It’s strong, smooth finish is resistant to rust, chips, and sun fade.

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