Cemetery Bench

The cemetery bench provides a place of remembrance. A place to share stories, reflect, and honor your loved one. Each bench is available with custom laser cut designs. This can include anything from inscriptions, patterns, monuments, or in this case, a baseball diamond. You can view previous memorial bench designs here.

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Purpose Of The Cemetery Bench

In the summer of 2013, one of our owners lost his nephew. A special memorial bench was designed to help the family cope with the loss. Since then, we have strived to provide other families with beautiful cemetery benches that help with the healing process. At Smith Steelworks, we have witnessed firsthand the benefits of these benches and hope that it helps your family as well.

Designing The Cemetery Bench

Step 1: Email Bench Ideas

Send any and all ideas you have for the cemetery bench. For this bench, the family wanted a baseball themed bench. Baseball bats were used for the slats and Craig’s signature was added to the center of the baseball. The baseball bat and baseball cutouts were powder coated and given to Craig’s friends and family.

Step 2: Review Bench Mockup

A mockup of the bench is emailed to you for approval. You will have the chance to review the design before it is sent to the laser cutter.

Step 3: Final Product

The bench is laser cut, bent, welded, and powder coated. We then ship the bench off to you for final installation. Our three-step powder coating process will protect the metal from outdoor exposure.

Cemetery Bench Features

Here are just a few benefits of ordering a Smith Steelworks cemetery bench.

Impermeable Finish

Each bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to create a long-lasting finish. This allows the bench to be placed in areas with all types of weather conditions. Powder coat is double the thickness of paint and resistant to chips and scratches. This protects the bare metal from rust, corrosion, and other impurities.

Vivid Color

Powder coat provides vivid color to the bench surface. The color will stay bright, even after years of outdoor exposure.

Durable Site Furniture

At Smith Steelworks, we create site furniture that is designed to last. The bench is cut from a lone sheet of metal that is bent into shape. This cuts down the needed number of welds which yields a stronger bench. All welds are fully closed to prevent moisture build up.

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