Personalized Memorial Bench

Our team works with each client to help create a personalized memorial bench that helps capture the memory of their loved one. This particular bench was very special to us because it was made for one of our own family members. It opened our eyes to the healing experience that the memorial bench provides as we went through the design process.

Every memorial bench we create touches our lives and we feel so blessed to help you with this journey.

Personalized Memorial Bench Process

To get started on the memorial bench, be sure to supply us with images, inscriptions, etc. that you want captured on the bench.


Adding a portrait to the back of the memorial bench is one of our most popular design options. Our designer is a true artist and works to capture the likelihood of your loved one. Be sure to send us any photos that you would like reproduced on the steel bench.


One of Richard’s favorite knives was laser cut into the bench where the ‘i’ would go. Special momentums, trophies, toys, or other objects that were significant to the individual. Be sure to email us any images that you would like to be used on the bench.


Add a special location, building, landmark, or temple to the metal bench. For Richard’s bench, the St. George Temple was added on the right-hand side since it was one of his favorite places. No matter what type of structure you would like added to the bench, our design team can do it.

Personalized Memorial Bench Features

Weatherproof Finish

Each memorial bench is sandblasted, primed, and powder coated to protect the bare metal from outdoor exposure. Powder coating is twice as thick as the average paint and durable against chips, scratches, and peeling. The powder coat is available in many color options including classic blacks and vibrant reds. When ordering, be sure to specify what color you are interested in.

Durable Design

A single sheet of metal is cut and bent into the bench shape. This cuts down on the number of welds that are needed; creating a more durable bench with fewer numbers of weakness. For the welds, our craftsmen completely close each weld. Closed welds ensure that moisture will not build up. Personalized memorial benches are created to be used and enjoyed for years to come.