Airman Memorial Bench

Did your loved one serve in the Air Force? Order a custom airman memorial bench to honor their life and service. Each bench is made to order. This means you will have the choice of laser cut designs, size options, and powder coat colors. Memorial benches are beautiful options for parks, business fronts, gardens, and other outdoor areas.

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Airman Memorial Bench

Airman Memorial Bench Design Process

1. Send Design Ideas


2. Review Bench Proof


3. Finished Bench Shipped To You

Step 1: Send Design Ideas

To start, first email us the ideas you have for the airman memorial bench. The more detail, the better! Send photographs, logos, names / dates, and other personalized options you would like to have included in the bench design. You can also send a written summary of what design style you are looking for.

Our team will create a bench proof after we receive the bench downpayment. Call Richard at (385) 225-4644 for a quote.

Airman Bench Draft

Step 2: Review Bench Proof

Worried that you won’t be happy with the final design? Don’t be! A bench proof is emailed to you showcasing a realistic idea of how the finished bench will look. You will have a chance to review the design, double check spelling / dates, and have any changes made if needed. The memorial bench is not assembled until we have your go ahead.

Airman Bench Draft Proof

Step 3: Finished Product

Last, the airman bench goes through our assembly process that includes: laser cutting, bending, welding, and powder coating.

We use a fiber optic laser to cut each memorial bench. This allows for precise, clean cuts. Because of this feature our artists are able to create beautiful, intricate designs with large amounts of detail.

Durability is our goal. The body of the bench is bent into place and welded. Bending requires fewer welds and yields a stronger bench. All used welds are fully closed and ground down for a smooth surface.

Finally, the bench goes through a three-step powder coating process. Powder coating is twice the thickness of paint and is resistant to chips, scratches, and rust. We offer a large variety of color options including Statuary Bronze.

Airman Memorial Bench Features:

Beautiful Designs

At Smith Steelworks, we make it our mission to create heavy-duty, exquisite benches. Our artists pull all the stops to create the memorial bench that you have envisioned.

Urn Options

Classic Benches are available with with a cremation option. The top bar acts as an urn-like compartment for the remains. Ashes are sealed in the bar and welded along the bench top.

Bench Styles & Sizes

The Airman Memorial Bench is available in a variety of styles and sizes. Classic, Classic Arch, and Metropolitan are our three bench styles. Not sure which size to choose? Six foot is most popular.

Start A Memorial Bench

Call (385) 225-4644 or email to get started on a custom memorial bench order. We look forward to working with you.