Memory Benches

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or someone’s life? Memory benches provides a space to honor those important people in your life. Each bench comes available with fully custom designs along the back. Our talented artists will help you capture the bench that you have envisioned.

Please call (385) 225-4644 to get started on a custom memory bench or email for a quote.

Memory Benches Process

Email Ideas

Have an idea for a memory bench? First, email us possible photographs, a description of what you’re looking for, and any sketches.  Please send us anything you need to accurately get your vision across.

Bench Draft

Next, our designers will create a draft for the memory benches. This will provide a realistic idea of how the finished bench will look. The design will be emailed for your approval before the bench is laser cut.

Finished Memory Bench

Last, the bench is laser cut, welded, and powder coated. Powder coating will protect the memory benches from rust, corrosion, chips, and scratches. Please view our color options here.

Types Of Memory Benches

A custom memory bench will enhance any neighborhood. Our benches are appropriate for a variety of occasions. To illustrate, below are some examples of benches we have created.

Retirement Bench

A custom bench is appropriate when celebrating a loved one, friend, or coworker’s retirement. This bench was created to thank those for their years in service.

Birthday Bench

What better present to honor someone you love than with a special birthday bench? This memory bench was created to celebrate a 70th birthday. The back of the bench showcases states the owner lived, a star for her birthplace, and a dogwood blossom. Custom bright pink powder coat was used to give the birthday bench a unique look.

School Buddy Bench

Last of all, our school buddy benches help create new friendships on the playground and eliminate loneliness. A buddy bench can be dedicated to a faculty member or student that has passed. This creates a two-fold bench to help create a better future, while providing a space to mourn.

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Pink Powder Coated Memory Benches

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