Specialized Cemetery Benches

Do you often visit a loved one’s grave? Are you looking to add a bench near their plot? At Smith Steelworks, we design and manufacture specialized cemetery benches in their honor. Cemetery benches provide a specific spot to sit and talk to your loved one. Whether this means sharing updates on family, your joys and struggles, or simply taking a moment to sit in peaceful silence.

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Specialized Memorial Benches


Mockup to Finished Product

Creating Specialized Memorial Benches

Grandparents Memorial Bench Draft

1. Bench Draft

Worried you won’t like the finished bench design? A mockup is created using your bench ideas. Furthermore, edits will be made to the bench mockup until you are 100% satisfied with the result. After approval the bench is laser cut, fabricated, and ,lastly, sent to be powder coated.

Grandparent Benches For Cemeteries

2. Powder Coated

Powder coat is the final step in a three part process that includes sandblast and primer. First, the bench is sandblasted to a clean metal finish. This removes any impurities and creates a profiled surface. Next epoxy primer is applied to the bench, baked, and repeated with powder coat.

Powder Coating Benefits:

It is imperative that specialized cemetery benches are durable enough to handle the outdoor elements. With this in mind, our powder coating process is needed to ensure the longevity of the product. Powder coat is the final step in the process and creates an impermeable finish around the steel bench. The main benefits to powder coating include: resistant to chips and scratches, prevents rust and corrosion, and resistant to sun fade and chalking.

+ In addition, be sure to view all our available color options.

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At Smith Steelworks, we have perfected our bench design to withstand day to day and long-term use. Call or email us for a quote and to start a bench order.

Specialty Memorial Benches For Cemeteries
Cemetery Style Memorial Benches
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