Decorative Memorial Benches

Have you recently lost a spouse, friend, family member, or other loved one? At Smith Steelworks, we create decorative memorial benches designed to honor those that have gone before us. Name and dates, special messages, and portraits are laser cut directly into the bench back. Simple lettering or tell a story through the artwork. The decision is yours.

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Hockey Themed Memory Bench

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Memorial benches may reflect your loved one’s talents and interests. Sequoyah’s bench was designed around his love and dedication to hockey. A picture of him playing hockey was placed prominently front and center on the bench back. A hockey stick, complete with his team name and number, was also laser cut into the bench seat.

Past decorative memorial benches have been designed around the following themes: baseball, golf, fishing, music, and more.

Decorative Memorial Benches Process

Send Ideas, Approve Mockup, Finished Product

Send Ideas

First, send us your ideas for the decorative bench. Sequoyah’s family emailed a photo, message to include, and a design example from a previous bench. Past customers have also shared sketches or a short write-up explaining their ideas.

Bench Mockup

Second, our designers will create a mockup using your ideas as reference. It will be emailed to you for review, changes, and final approval. The bench is only sent to manufacturing once you have given us the green light.

Finalized Bench

Third, the bench is laser cut from a single sheet of metal, bent into shape, and welded. Finally, the decorative memorial benches are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated in the color of your choice for long-lasting protection.

Manufacturing Decorative Memorial Benches

We have already established the ascetically pleasing nature of the memorial benches. An equally important component of the benches are their durable, weatherproof design. Our team has perfected the manufacturing process to provide a bench that will withstand all four seasons without succumbing to rust and corrosion.

1. Laser Cut:

Memorial benches are cut from a single sheet of metal. Why use a laser cutter? Lasers don’t dull over time and creates small, precise cuts. This allows our artists to create detailed works of art along the bench back.

Cemetery Classic Bench Prices
Cemetery Classic Arch Bench Prices

2. Bent Into Shape:

The Classic and Classic Arch Bench Styles are bent into shape. This method reduces the number of needed welds on the bench. Each weld creates a small point of weakness. Fewer welds equal less weak spots on the steel bench.

3 Stainless Steel Footpads:

Stainless steel footpads are added to protect rust from inching up the bench legs. How is this preventative? The bottom of the footpads may scratch if the bench is dragged across pavement or other tough surfaces. This may expose bare metal that would then be prone to rust. However, stainless steel is a naturally rust resistant metal and won’t ruin the integrity of the bench.

Metropolitan Cemetery Bench Prices

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