Unique Memorial Benches

Are you wanting a memorial bench that is a little more special? At Smith Steelworks, we design and manufacture unique memorial benches that honor your loved one’s memory. Our artists are capable of capturing portraits, inscriptions, and other custom options.

Our benches provide a space for remembrance. Call (385) 225-4644 to get started with an order.

Unique Memorial Benches Process

Send Portraits

Would you like to add a portrait of your loved one? First, email us photographs that you would like included into the back of the bench. Sending multiple photos will help us capture their essence.

Memorial Bench Proof

Second, our team will take your ideas and create a proof. This provides an example of how the finished memorial bench will look. You will have a chance to review the design before manufacturing.

Final Memorial Bench

Third, the bench is laser cut, welded, and powder coated. Our powder coating process protects the bench from outdoor wear and tear, scuffs, flakes, and more. You can view our color selection here.

Laser Cut
Unique Memorial Benches

A fiber optic laser is used to cut the bench from a solid sheet of steel. The laser creates precise, little cuts that allow us to work with detailed images. Portraits, landscapes, logos, special fonts, etc. are popular on the metal back.

Honor Their Memory

Unique memorial benches are used to as a way to pay tribute to friends, family, or community members who have passed. The bench can be a place to honor their memory and reflect on their life. Parks, cemeteries, and campuses are all popular places to install the memorial benches.

Order A Custom Bench

Are you ready to start a memorial bench order? Send an email to smithsteelsales@gmail.com or call (385) 225-4644. Be sure to include details on the bench style you’re interested in (Classic or Classic Arch), designs you’re interested in, and powder coating colors.