Graveside Benches

Graveside benches honor the life of friends, loved ones, and community members. The bench can be placed in cemeteries to provide a place to reflect and remember. Personalized design options are available for each bench. Notably, common customizations to graveside benches include: inscriptions, portraits, landscapes, symbols, and logos. In addition, the benches are available in a variety of powder coating colors.

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Metal Remembrance Benches

Graveside Benches Process

Email Design Ideas

First, email your bench ideas to A written description (as seen above) was sent for this graveside bench. Our design team also works with photographs, sketches, and any other way you need to portray your design requests.

Bench Mockup

Our team will start a mockup as soon as we receive your design ideas and downpayment. Mockups provide a preview of how the finished bench will look. The bench will not be manufactured until the mockup has been approved by you.

Finished Product

The laser cutter cuts the bench from a single sheet of metal. Next, the bench is bent into shape and welded. Lastly, powder coat is applied to the metal surface. Powder coat is twice as thick as paint and resistant to sun fade and rust.

Steel Graveside Benches

Graveside Benches That Treasures Their Memories

Are you looking for a special way to pay tribute to those that have passed? At Smith Steelworks, we have found the graveside benches to help with the healing process. Memorial benches hold a special place in our company’s heart. The first ever bench we made was in memory of the owner’s nephew; who died unexpectedly. Forthwith, we started getting more and more requests for other memorial benches. Call (385) 225-4644 to order a custom bench.

Other Graveside Bench Options:

Bench Swing

Durable bench swings provide a place to sit and reflect. Order just a bench swing or add a bench swing frame.

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Cemetery Graveside Markers

Memorial Plaque

Add a memorial plaque to a grave site instead of the usual headstone. Choose custom designs and colors.

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Child Size Graveside Benches

Child Size Bench

The child size memorial bench is a perfect bench option to help children with healing after loss.

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