Cutstom Steel Memorial Benches

Are you interested in owning custom steel memorial benches? At Smith Steelworks, we create personal and memorable benches that last for years to come. These benches are a great way to celebrate and honor lives of loved ones that have passed on. Each bench can be personalized with inscriptions, portraits, and pictures. 

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Heavner Final Memorial Bench Product

Ordering Custom Steel Memorial Benches

Custom Steel Memorial Benches

Email Bench Ideas

The first step in creating a personalized memorial bench is to send us an email at with any ideas, pictures, or lettering you want to add on the bench. For example, in this particular bench, they wanted to add Heavner’s favorite things.

Custom Steel Memorial Bench Fabrication

Bench Draft

Next, our talented design team constructs a draft. They combine your ideas into a rendering of what your bench will look like. Once you are completely satisfied with the design and we recieve your approval, we’ll start fabricating the bench.

Heavner Raw Steel Bench After Fabrication

Making The Bench

Finally, we laser cut the design which allows to include fine details. We bend the bench and weld together the leg and arm rails. Next, we powder coat your bench in our three step process. This helps your memorial bench last for years to come even in the snow!

Steel Memorial Bench Features


Our three step powder coating process is first started by sandblasting the metal bench. This brings the surface to a white metal finish. Most importantly, sandblasting removes any impurities and creates a profiled surface.

Sandblasting Custom Steel Benches
Powder Coat On Custom Steel Bench

Powder Coat Finish

Next, we prime the bench and cure it in a 400 degree oven. This step is crucial for any outdoor furniture. Finally, we powder coat the bench in any color your desire. 

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