Dedication Memorial Bench

Honor a loved one with a custom memorial bench designed specifically for them. At Smith Steelworks, our dedication memorial benches are crafted to be long-lasting, durable, and beautiful additions to outdoor spaces. We made this particular bench for Rachel Antorino, who passed away in August 2018 after a 20-month battle with cancer. Thank you to Rachel’s friends and family for trusting us to create this special bench. To learn more about Rachel’s story click here.

Rachel Antorino's Dedication Memorial Bench
Rachel's Draft Mock Up
Rachel's Dedication Bench Unveil

Meaning Behind The Bench

Each bench is made to order and offers custom personalization. Her family shared a collection of pictures and ideas, allowing us to craft a mock design.

Rachel's Dance Portrait

Rachel’s Portrait

Rachel’s dance silhouette shows her bubbly, energetic, and playful personality.

Sunshine Design Memorial Bench

Sun Design

This sun drawing represents the bright light she brought to her family and community.

Dedication Memorial Bench Process

Laser Cutting

After you finalize the design, we send the bench to laser cut. The laser uses precise cuts that allows our designers to use intricate detailing.

Dedication Memorial Bench Process


Then, we cut the body of the memorial bench from a single sheet of metal. It’s then bent into shape; allowing for fewer welds and yielding a stronger bench.

Welding Arms and Legs On Bench


Next, we weld the legs and arms to the bench. Each weld is fully closed to prevent trapped moisture. We smooth down the welds for a flat surface. 

Rachel's Dedication Memorial Bench Unveil

Honoring Rachel

The memorial bench was dedicated November 2021 in Commack, New York. This dedication memorial bench provides a place for friends and family to sit and take a moment to reflect and remember. For Rachel’s loved ones, the bench provides a space to recount special moments, memories, to mourn, and to honor her.

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