Thin Blue Line Police Bench

Has your community recently mourned the loss of a local hero? A ‘Thin Blue Line’ police bench stands as a fitting tribute to honor the brave officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. This particular bench was crafted in memory of Sergeant Alex Hamzy, who tragically lost his life in the line of duty on October 12, 2022. Smith Steelworks has added a unique touch to this bench with a distinctive blend of three powder coating colors, creating a truly remarkable piece without the need for a backing plate.

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Cobalt Blue Powder Coated Steel Memorials

Thin Blue Line Police Bench Process

Interested in creating a bench, but aren’t sure where to start? Read our process below!

Thin Blue Police Bench Badge

Bench Brainstorm

First, send over any ideas, names, dates, pictures, and drawings you would like to include. For this bench, they wanted to include Alex’s polices badge.

Draft For Thin Blue Line Police Bench

Mock Up

Following your input, we create a detailed mock up that gives a realistic preview of the bench. We can add or change any details, until you’re completly satsified.¬†

Thin Blue Line Police Bench Product


After receiving approval for the mock-up, we proceed to have the designs laser-cut. This allows for the fine and minute details you can see in the police badge.

 Bench Durability

At Smith Steelworks, our unwavering dedication has led us to create benches that stand the test of time. Crafted from a single sheet of metal, we employ laser cutting and precision bending techniques to reduce welds, minimizing potential weak points. Our fully sealed welds prevent moisture buildup, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Manufacturing Of Police Memorial Bench
Close Shot Of Multicolored Powder Coated Bench

Multicolor Powder Coat

This distinctive multicolored style is a rarity. Learn more here.

  1. To start, we primed the entire bench.
  2. Next, we applied a vibrant Bengal Blue powder coating to the flag stripe, followed by curing in an oven.
  3. After precisely taping over the stripe, we added a sleek Glossy Black coating to the remaining flag area.
  4. Once the black coating had cured, we again carefully taped over the entire flag and completed the look with a stunning Cobalt Blue finish.

Thin Blue Line Police Bench Memorials

Memorial benches pay tribute to local heroes who have given their lives to protect our community, country, and our safety. We hope this bench will help the Hamzey family, friends, colleagues, and community heal and continue to remember his life and service.

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