Memorial Bench Seats

Want a place to sit and honor a loved one that has passed away? Custom memorial bench seats are a beautiful option. Place the bench in a park, backyard, cemetery, trail or other outdoor spot. Our benches are available with fully personalized options on the bench back including: wording, images, portraits, etc.

Call (385) 225-4644 for a bench quote and to learn more about the memorial bench process.

Memorial Bench Seats

Planning Out The Memorial Bench Seats Design

Wording For Memorial Bench Seats

1. Email Bench Ideas

To get started, first send any and all ideas you have for the bench back. The more details the better! Email the following:

  • Bench style and size
  • Dates, wording, photos, or other artwork to include on the bench back
  • Color you are interested in
Lovingier Draft Bench

2. Review Bench Draft

Hooray, the ideas for the memorial bench seats have been sent. Now what? Our design team starts a bench draft once we have received your downpayment. The draft will be emailed to you for review, revisions, and approval. Be sure to double check dates, spelling, placement of artwork, etc.

Memory Bench Seats

Final Bench

Once you are 100% satisfied with the design we move to the production process. The bench is laser cut, bent, welded, and powder coated using a durable three-step process. Lastly, the memorial bench is packaged up and shipped directly to you for final installation in the place of your choosing.

What Makes Memorial Bench Seats So Durable?

Memorial bench seats are created to be beautiful and durable. This is accomplished by using laser cutting from a single sheet of metal, bending the bench, and powderr coating.

Laser Cut From One Sheet

Classic and Classic Arch Benches are cut from a single sheet of metal. Laser cutting provides multiple benefits for the bench. First, lasers use small, precise cuts that allow for intricate designs and lettering. This allows for complex design work on the bench back. Second, using a single sheet of metal for the bench back produces a more durable bench.

Laser Cut Bench Backs
Bent Back Laser Cut Bench

Bent Into Shape

As mentioned above, the benches are laser cut from one sheet of metal. Next, the bench body is bent into shape. This process reduces the amount of welds needed on the bench. Welds create points of weakness. Therefor less welds yields a stronger bench. All used are fully closed and ground down for a smooth finish.

Powder Coat Finish

Each metal bench is powder coated to a smooth finish. Powder coating is twice the thickness of paint and resistant to chips and scratches. This prevents the bare metal from being exposed to outdoor moisture and weathering. Powder coat is also available in a variety of neutral and bright colors to match any setting.

Bronze Powder Coated Bench Backs

Call For Memorial Bench Seats

Call (385) 225-4644 for a memory bench quote or to learn more.