Fallen Officer Memorial Bench

Has your community lost a local hero? A fallen officer memorial bench will pay tribute to their life. This particular bench was made to honor the late Jospeh Shinners. Officer Shinners, of Provo, was killed in the line of duty January 5, 2019. Smith Steelworks and Critical Laser worked in conjunction to bring this bench to fruition.

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Fallen Officer Memorial Bench Process

Memorial Bench Plan

First, wonder how to design a fallen officer memorial bench? Benches are available with choice of color, bench style, artwork, and lettering. Cobalt Blue, Classic Arch Style, a police badge, and the Wasatch Mountain range were used on this memorial bench.

Bench Mockup

Second, ready to see your ideas take shape? Our design team reviews your concept and creates a bench mockup. The mockup will be emailed to you for approval. You have a chance to examine the spelling, dates, artwork, and have any changes made.

Bench Production

Third, the bench is cut from a single sheet of metal and bent into place. Next, arms and legs are welded to the bench body. Last, the bench goes through a three-step powder coating process. Powder coat is twice as thick as paint and resistant to chips, scratches, and rust.

Purpose Of Fallen Officer Memorial Bench

Memorial benches are aesthetically pleasing and brighten up any landscape. Furthermore, they provide a spot to share stories, memories, and mourn those that have passed. As a result, the bench can help family and friends with loss.

Photo courtesy of Critical Laser

Brings Community Together

It is always so beautiful to see communities come together in the wake of tragedies. Memorial benches are a great way to help family members and friends mourn those they have lost.

Place In Memorial Area

The bench was placed at the Provo, UT Police Department. There it will pay tribute to Officer Shinners, as well as honor all law enforcement who work hard to keep our communities safe.

At Smith Steelworks, we would personally like to thank all our first responders and police officers for their service.

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