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Honor a loved one that has passed with a custom memorial bench. Call or email for a quote.

270 W 500 S
Spanish Fork, UT

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Please include the following details in your email. A representative will get ahold of you within 24 hours with a quote.

(385) 225-4644

01 General Info:

  • Name / Phone Number
  • Delivery Location
  • Date Deadline Needed

02 Bench Style:

  • Classic
  • Classic Arch
  • Metropolitan
Three Bench Styles For Memorials

03 Bench Size:

  • 4′
  • 6′
  • 8′

04 Bench Design:

  • Wording Only
  • Wording & Artwork
  • Wording & Face
Three Bench Styles For Memorials

05 Bench Color:


Where do you ship?

US and Canada.

How to get started with a mockup?

we require a 50% down payment prior to start of project! Send an email to with the information listed above for a quote.

What if I don’t like the bench design I’m given?

We do not start on the physical bench until you are 100% satisfied with the mockup design and have final word from you to proceed.

How long does production take?

Usually 4 – 6 weeks since everything is custom made. A more accurate timetable will be given when ordering.

How is the bench installed?

Place the bench on the concrete, mark the holes in the feet, move the bench, drill the holes, pound red heads into the concrete, replace the bench and tighten it down!

I’m from ___. Will the bench holdup work in this climate?

We have the most weather durable benches available on the market. They are made from 3/8” thick steel on the legs and arms and 3/16” thick on the body. The finish is sandblasted to a white finish (SPC SP5 NACE No. 1), primed, and powder coated in a super durable polyester powder coat.

View Past Benches

Be sure to checkout our memorial bench pages for past benches we have created. Memorial benches are beautiful ways to honor those that have passed before us.

Welded Memorial Benches