Memorial Bench For Spouse

Looking to create a meaningful memorial bench for a spouse? Look no further than Smith Steelworks! Our benches are a great way to honor and celebrate your loved ones. Our team works closely with each client to create a personalized bench. We make our benches to last for years to come even in harsh weather conditions.

To order a memorial bench please call (385) 225-4644.

Floyd Richey Memorial Bench For Spouse

Designing Your Memorial Bench

Memorial Bench For A Spouse Idea Draft


First, email any particular portraits, images, and lettering you want to add. For this particular bench, our client had a thorough idea of what she wanted her bench to look like and sent a sketch.

Memorial Bench For A Spouse Airplane Design


Our design team has many years of experience creating beautiful benches. We can change and add any aspects and we’ll never move forward until you are completely satisfied.

Floyd Richey Memorial Bench Fabrication


Finally, we laser cut, bend, weld, and assemble your bench. Most importantly, we powder coat your memorial bench. This strong finish allows the bench to last in the sun, rain, and snow!

Powder Coating Process For Memorial Benches

Each bench goes through our three step powder coating process. First, we sandblast the surface to create a white metal finish. This removes any impurities and rust. Next, we prime the metal and cure it in a 400 degree oven. This helps the coating bond deep into the metal bench. Finally, we powder coat in any color of your choice. This three step process is crucial for any outdoor furniture to reduce chipping, fading, and scratching.

Meaning Behind Memorial Bench For Spouse

Close Portrait of Floyd In A Memorial Bench
Floyd Richey Temple By Smith Steelworks


Our most popular design option is to add a portrait of your loved one. In this particular bench, Floyd was a pilot and was pictured in his uniform. Send us any photos you would like to add on the bench. 


We included on this bench specific things that are significant to Floyd. For example, two planes that Floyd had frequently flown we placed on each corner. A temple and his dog were also placed on the bottom corners.

Start a memorial bench today by calling (385) 225-4644.