Waterfront Memorial Bench

Our waterfront memorial benches provide a serene spot for contemplation and remembrance. Our benches are carefully crafted to hold personal symbolism for those being remembered. Choose between powder coat color, bench style, laser cut designs and more. Take a look at our past projects here.

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Waterfront Memorial Bench Process

Ready to order a memorial bench and don’t know where to start? Read below to learn about the bench design process.

1. Send Ideas

First, email over ideas you want featured. In this bench, they added an inscription, hunting picture, and a Chiefs baseball logo. You can also include portraits or silhouettes.

2. Review Mockup

Next, we create a draft of what your bench will look like. Once you are completely satisfied with the design, we’ll send it over to start laser cutting and welding.

Smitty Waterfront Memorial Bench

3. Finished Bench

Once the bench is assembled, we apply a Powder coat. This durable and sleek finish is resistant to outdoor elements.  Then we finally ship the finished bench to you!

Benefits Of The Waterfront Memorial Bench

Memorial benches are so much more than just a beautiful piece of furniture, they help in the healing process while also establishing a place to honor their memory.

Beautiful Installations

We recommend putting the bench in a spot that was meaningful for your loved one or sparks peace. Our memorial benches have been placed in local parks, nature trails, schools, and playgrounds. This bench is located on a beautiful property in Dresden, Ohio. Take a look at our other installations here.

Powder Coating Process

Our three step powder coating process helps your products stay looking new for years to come! First, we sandblast the bench removing all impurities and creating a profiled surface. Next, we prime the surface with a thin epoxy coat. Finally we can powder coat the bench in any color of your choice.

Brighten The Surrounding Area

Cobalt Blue, Hammertone Red, and Weather Green are just a few powder coating color examples to choose from. Polyester powder coating is durable and resistant to chips, scratches, scuffs, and sun fade. The benches stay vibrant through icy winters and sunny summers. Learn more about powder coating benefits here.

Call For Memorial Bench Prices

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We look forward to working with you!