Courtyard Memorial Bench

A courtyard memorial bench establishes a special place to sit, ponder, and remember. At Smith Steelworks, we offer personal customization for every bench. For this particular bench, a name, inscription, and baseball field were added. These steel memorial benches are will last for years and years due to our strong powder coating process.

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Courtyard Memorial Bench Baseball Theme

Courtyard Memorial Bench Process

Baseball Courtyard Memorial Bench

Brainstorm Ideas

First, email your ideas and vision. This can include portraits, names, dates, and pictures. Once we have an idea of what you want your bench to look like, we will send it over to our design team.

Draft Design Of Courtyard Bench

Design Draft

Next, our designers will compile your ideas and create a draft mock up. This rendering gives a realistic model of what your bench will look like. Once you are completely satisfied with the bench, we send the designs to be fabricated.

Fabrication Process Of Smith Steelworks Bench

Finished Bench

Finally, we laser cut the intricate design into a single sheet of metal and bend into shape. This reduces the amount of welds needed in the bench, making it stronger. Once fully fabricated, we powder coat the bench in any color you desire.

Baseball Bat Detail Of Memorial Bench

The Details In The Bench

Our benches offer far more than just their name. For this bench, a baseball field and inscription were laser cut directly into the bench back. In addition, the bench slats were cut in the shape of baseball bats to match the theme. These little details are what make your bench personal and meaningful. Be sure to send us any ideas, pictures, and scenes that you would like to incorporate!

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