Cemetery Bench Memorials

Cemetery bench memorials are a wonderful way to honor our loved ones who have passed. Memorial benches are a way you can share your loved one’s personality and the impact they have had on the world. Our customers have a variety of choices such as bench style, colors, images, messages, and font. Subsequently, your bench memorial will be as unique as your loved one.

Ordering Your Cemetery Bench Memorials

Design Your Bench

First contact Smith Steelworks to begin the ordering process. Look through our website to select a bench style , color, and font type and size.  Remember, photos, images and messages can be sent through the internet. With this info our team will create a possible mock up.

Sand Blasting

After the design has been approved, a blueprint is used to manufacture the memorial bench with steel. The steel is thereafter sandblasted and cleaned of all impurities before priming and powder coating is completed.

A Completed Bench

Finally, when the prime and powder coated color is dry the cemetery benches are ready to be picked up or delivered to our customer.
Ultimately, the final location of each memorial bench is determined by each of our customers. For example, backyards, parks, cemeteries, walkways, and gardens are often quiet places to remember their loved ones.


Smith Steelwork’s partner company Smith Powder Coating provides the highest quality of primer and powder coating.  Moreover, a variety of color and textures are available for your selection.



Your personalized bench may contain a personal messages or quote from or to your loved one. With this in mind, Smith Steelworks can duplicate an assortment of fonts to be used on your memorial bench. Our design team can recommend types and sizes that can best produce the effect you are seeking in your memorial.

Order Your Bench Memorial Today!

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