Children Graveside Benches

Losing a love one is hard, especially when they are so young. Children graveside benches establish a great place to remember, ponder, and honor your young loved ones. At Smith Steelworks we design our benches to be durable, long-lasting, and a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Our team works closely with each client to create a customized bench.

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Ivy's Bench By Smith Steelworks

Designing Children Graveside Benches

Children Graveside Benches Idea Compilation

Email Ideas

First email any pictures, inscriptions, or ideas to This can also include names, dates, and portraits.

Children Graveside Benches Mock Up Design

Realistic Mockup

Next, our talented design team creates a draft. This is a realistic rendering of what the bench will look like. Once you fully approve, we move on to the fabrication process.

Finished Product Of Children Graveside Benches

Finished Bench

During fabrication, the memorial bench is laser cut, welded, and put through a three-step powder coating process. We package the bench and ship it directly to you.

Meaning Behind Children Graveside Benches

Close Up Shot Of Inscriptions And Design


A popular design is to inclued a portrait of your loved ones. Our design team has many years of experience and expertly captures the likelyhood of your young ones. Make sure to send in photographs you’ld like to portray!

Lollipop and Ivy Vine

Add special symbols or inscriptions to your design. For this particular bench, the client wanted to add a lollipop and ivy vine that were personal and symbolic to little Ivy. They also added a sweet incription to help remember her.

Powder Coat Finish

All metal memorial benches are powder coated in our three step process. This includes sandblasting, priming, and powder coating. This process creates a strong, smooth surface that resistant to chipping, fading, and corroding. It stays looking new even in intense sun and snow. At Smith Steelworks, we offer a wide variety of color, shades, and textures. Check out our options here.

Strong Design

These particular bench designs, are cut from one sheet of metal. This method eliminates the number of welds that are needed. Cutting back on welds makes steel benches stronger and look nicer. Our craftsmen create closed welds. This seals off the welds from any moisture, ensuring your bench will last for years to come.

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