Dog Memorial Bench

Clearly, one of life’s greatest blessings are our pets. Undoubtedly, our devoted companions, track our presence, monitor our moods, and bring us a lifetime of entertainment and comfort. For this purpose, Smith Steelworks manufactures a dog memorial bench as a way to memorialize the love and devotion of our most dedicated companions.

Jezebel's Dog Bench

Creating A Dog Memorial Bench

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Completed Dog Bench

First of all, Smith Steelworks manufactures all-steel dog memorial benches that can be personalized by our customers. At this time, we provide multiple options for you to choose from to create a dog memorial bench reflecting your dogs characteristics and attributes.  For this purpose we laser cut or emboss features such as your pet’s name, paw print, or favorite toy on the bench.  Particularly, your dogs name, nickname, a common phrase, a dedication, or adoption date can be placed on your pet’s memorial bench.  Furthermore, our benches are all-steel, primed, and powder coated so that the bench is rust and weather resistant.  In the end, the finished product is a work of art.  Eventually, the bench can then be added to your garden, favorite dog park, or river trail.

Ways To Personalize A Dog Memorial Bench

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Dog Photo II

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Our Possible Design

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A Dog Memorial Bench

Completed Dog Horse Bench

For example, above is an example of a pet memorial bench created for three loved animals.  In fact, a horse named Indie, and two dogs named Sonny and Daisy are memorialized in a way that will last.  In most cases, our relationship with an animal is unique and only it’s “person” can perceive and comprehend the minute moments of growth, personality, and connection. With this in mind, heaven would not be heaven without them. But, until then, we can memorialize the joy and happiness that pets give us. Contact us and together we will imagine the possibilities.

Dog Watching Bench

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