In Memoriam Benches

In Memoriam Benches provide a space for commemoration. To honor friends, family, or community members that have passed. Each memorial bench is designed to be one-of-a-kind. Add portraits and inscriptions across the bench back.

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In Memoriam Benches Benefits

In Memoriam Benches honor those who have gone before us. Parks, cemeteries, and campuses are examples of where the bench may be placed. We have found the memorial bench helps with the healing process and provides a place for remembrance.

How To Design In Memoriam Benches

How to start the design process? Below is a step by step look at how the bench is created from design ideas to final product.

Step 1: Design Ideas

Email to kick off the bench process. For this particular bench, photographs were sent to be used as the main part of the design element.

Step 2: Bench Proof

Your ideas are incorporated into a mockup. This provides a realistic look of the finished bench. It will be emailed to you for approval before it is sent to be laser cut.

Step 3: Finished Bench

The bench is laser cut, bent, and welded into shape. Using a laser cutter allows us to work with intricate designs, including portraits. It is then powder coated.

In Memoriam Benches Features

The memorial benches are designed to last for years and years to come. Below are a few examples below.

Durable Design

The bench is laser cut from one sheet of metal that bent into shape. This practice requires fewer welds. Resulting in less points of weakness. All used welds are fully closed to prevent moisture buildup.

Impermeable Finish

A three-step powder coating process that includes: sandblast, prime, and powder coat. This creates a durable lacquer that is resistant to chips, scratches, rust, and scuffs.

Brilliant Color

At Smith Steelworks, we offer a variety of color options ranging from vibrant reds to classic grays. Powder coat color will not fade overtime, even in extreme weather conditions. View colors here.

Bench Styles

Looking for a particular bench style? We provide a variety of bench options including: Classic, Classic Arch, Metropolitan, and Bench Swing.

Bench Sizes

The In Memoriam Bench is available in 4, 6, or 8′ bench lengths. We can also do other length options per request. We also offer child size benches.

Personalized Back

Add portraits, sceneries, logos, mascots, designs, inscriptions, and more to the back of the metal memorial bench.

Start In Memoriam Bench Order

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Powder coating the memorial benches.

Close up of the name and face portrait.

We can provide large bench orders for family members.

Bench is bent to reduce the need of too many welds.