Campus Memorial Bench

A campus memorial bench is a great way to honor beloved members of your college community. This particular bench was made for Rocky Bettar, a professor and director of adult education who helped develop an adult reeducation college. We make each bench with extreme care and respect. In addition, every bench is fully customizable with designs, shape, and color. Contact Smith Steelworks today to order a memorial bench!

Campus Memorial Bench For Rocky

Campus Memorial Bench Process


After you send in ideas for your bench, our team works closely with you to create a design that suits your taste. Once you’re fully satisfied, we’ll send the bench to fabrication.


Next, our team cuts your bench from a single sheet of metal and we bend it into shape. This helps eliminate the amount of welds needed making the bench stronger!


Then, we sandblast, prime, and powder coat your bench to create a smooth, strong finish. Finally, your bench is completed and we can ship it directly to you!

Features Behind The Campus Memorial Bench

Gallery Wall For Rocky's Bench

Captured Meaning

Rocky Bettar was an advocate for his students and staff. The community saw him as an inspiring leader and coach. Creating a beautiful bench in his name was a great way for those who loved him to give back a fraction of what he shared. Installed in front of a beautiful gallery loved ones are able to sit and remember Rocky’s legacy.

Weatherproof Finish

Each bench at Smith Steelworks undergoes our three step powder coating process. It’s┬ádesigned to withstand all types of harsh weather conditions. The coating creates a nonporous finish that is repellent to moisture. This keeps the metal product free from rust, corrosion, and sun fade. This bench will stay looking new even in sunny California.

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